Choose for a new way to ship

As a specialist NVOCC, NWS Shipping offers a new way to ship by offering import and export services to and from various countries throughout the world.

Ocean transport is by far the most common way of moving goods around the world. To clarify, 90% of the world trade being carried by sea. Above all, transport by ocean also plays a very important role in most transportation and supply chain solutions. Next to it being time-definite it also is the most cost-effective way of international transportation.

Most importantly, we focus on offering as many direct services between ports worldwide ensuring minimum cargo handling.

NWS Shipping leverages volume commitments and contracts with various carriers to ensure fixed sailing schedules, multiple departure and arrival options from port of origin till final destination. Besides that, our relationships with the major carriers keeps our rates low while achieving optimum receiving and closing windows and fast transit times.

Why NWS Shipping?

  • FMC Licensed (USA specialist)
  • Fast transit times
  • Fixed sailings