Update about the Port of New Orleans due to Huricane

We are deeply saddened by the damage Hurricane Ida has brought to the US. Our thoughts are with all of those suffering from Ida’s impact.

We have been informed by the New Orleans Port Authority and want to inform you about the fact that Hurricane Ida brought significant wind damage across the City of New Orleans and surrounding areas. The entire City and surrounding area remain without power currently. Communication is very limited with cell networks and internet impacted by the storm.

We have been informed that assessment and restoration efforts have commenced for the Port, as well as New Orleans area and will continue in the days ahead. As assessments are completed and timelines are better defined, we will provide more information on power and communication restoration. As of today, and likely continuing for tomorrow, the timeline for resuming operations is unknown to us due to the uncertainty of when power will be restored.

New Orleans Terminals and Ports America for containerized operations and Empire, Coastal Cargo, Gulf Stream Marine and Ports America for breakbulk operations will be closed until more information is known, and dependent upon power restoration.